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Important dates in the history of the bikini and swimwear  
The year 1600 B.C Archaeologists have discovered Minoan wall paintings dating back to 1600 B.C. The fashion depicted in these paintings closely resembles that of the bikini.
Ancient bikini mosaics Ancient bikini mosaics Ancient bikini mosaics
The year 300 A.D Roman mosaics are discovered dated back to 300 A.D. Again the fashion that is depicted by these paintings closely resembles that of a bikini.
Roman mosaic images of women clad in bikinis from 300 A.D Roman mosaic images of women clad in bikinis from 300 A.D Roman mosaic images of women clad in bikinis from 300 A.D
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The 1800's Since the dawn of time, humans have always gone swimming in the nude, or maybe in loin cloths. It was not until the 18th century that swimsuits were invented. Mostly for the purpose of hiding the (female) human body according to the morality of the times. By the mid 1800's, a trip to the beach and swimming became a popular recreation. A need for a special costume that retained modesty but was free enough to enable the wearer to engage in sports became obvious.
  Popular swimwear fashion from the 1800's  
Swimwear fashion in the 1900's On 24 August 1905, aged 18, Annette Kellerman became the first woman to attempt to swim the English Channel (pictured right) In 1907, at the height of her popularity, Kellerman was arrested on a Boston beach for indecency - she was wearing one of her fitted one-piece swimsuits. At the turn of the century, the swimsuit begins to become more practical...and provocative. The first major development after the turn of the century is the elimination of the bloomers. By 1905,the bathing dress has neither bloomers nor sleeves. The fashion developing will set trends for decades to come and resonate with Kellerman's exploits.
2 girls modelling swimwear from the early 1900's Annette Kellerman Australian model and movie star from 1907
Bikini fashion in the roaring twenties The roaring 20’s brought out all of Hollywood's stars, which added glamour to the swimsuit. Bathers needed to have one in the latest fashion.  Esther Williams and Dorothy Lamour along with films featuring synchronised swimming stirred up interest in the figure hugging costumes.
Girls from the roaring twenties in swim suits
The year 1943 in bikini history In 1943 as part of wartime rationing, the U.S. Government ordered a 10 % reduction in fabric used in woman's swimwear. The skirt panel was removed, and out came the bare midriff. At beaches across the country, men paid special attention to women doing their patriotic duty.
Girl in Stars and stripes bikini in front of American flag Uncle Sam
Life magazine cover from 1947
The year 1945 in swimwear history
Women in Paris were wearing bikini style swimsuits one year before the bikini was "invented". This fact is documented with pictures in the July 16, 1945 issue of Life Magazine..
Life magazine cover from 1945
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important events of the mid 40's in bikini history The "official" version has the bikini invented by 2 French fashion designers, Louis Réard and Jacques Heim in Paris in 1946. Réard's bikini was introduced a few days after the nuclear explosions at Bikini Atoll, a tiny coral island in the Marshall Islands. The thought being its introduction would have the same explosive effect. In fact, Reard and Heim merely reinvented a fashion that had been found, dating back to 1600 B.C. The modern version was merely patented by Louis Reard in 1946. When the bikini was first introduced in 1946, the fashion models of Paris refused to wear it, claiming it scandalous and indecent. It was Micheline Bernardini who paraded onto a runway at a poolside fashion show in Paris. She was a nude dancer hired by Réard.
Reard pictured with a bikini fashion model Micheline Bernardini was the first official bikini fashion model Micheline Bernardini the first fashion bikini model
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The 50's A new decade in bikini history Early into the 1950's, Americans continued to reject the fashion claiming it to risqué and immoral. American women believed the bikini was simply too scandalous. But, in 1956, the movie; "And God Created Woman" featuring French sex kitten Brigitte Bardot is released. This film raises the stakes as a bikini clad 22 year-old Bardot bares her buns and flashes her breasts. Bardot ignites serious interest in the bikini,especially from men!
Bridget Bardot lounging in her tiny bikini Bridget Bardot shows her bum while wearing a tiny bikini
The year is 1958 Designers claim fabric innovation to be their most fundamental inspiration. In 1958, LYCRA®, a man-made elastane fiber, was invented. Swimwear manufacturers were quick to incorporate LYCRA® fiber into their swimwear products. Early in the 1960s, LYCRA® fiber revolutionised beach wear with it's unique stretch and recovery properties. In beachwear, it replaced thick and heavy swimsuits with light, quick-drying garments like the bikini.
The 60's starts to revolutionize the bikini The obvious sex appeal of the bikini spawned numerous surf movies in the early 1960s. The world was introduced to bikini clad Annette Funnicello and her pals dancing on the beach in bikinis. As American morals became more accepting and lenient of the fashion, film stars and models soon began emerging everywhere in the bikini. Many Hollywood bombshells like Jayne Mansfield, Marilyn Monroe, and Ursula Andress (the first Bond girl) all began appearing in the new bikini fashion both on film and off.
Collage of bikini girls from the sixties
Marilyn Monroe in a sexy white bikini The first Bond Girl was Ursula Andress appearing in a scandolous bikini Babette March on Sports Illustrated's first swimsuit cover.
The sexual revolution explodes in bikini history The shocking sexual revolution of the 70's caused fashion designers to revamp the bikini and be even more revealing and titillating. String bikinis of the 1970's exposed below the navel, among other things, for the first time. Fashion was pushing the limits with less and less coverage. In Hollywood, the world was introduced to Raquel Welch appearing in the film, One Million Years B.C. Welch appeared in a furry animal-skin bikini. The film launched her career and her hot bikini body to the limits.
Over 30 years worth of Penthouse is online
Raquel Welch in a furry animal-skin bikini
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Women of Playboy
In the 80's it's a free for all in the world of bikini fashion The 1980's, introduced the thong bikini into American fashion for the first time. The thong bikini offered the least coverage yet imagined in the rear of the suit. The thong bikini, and it's impact, was about to change the bikini world forever.
Explicit Micro Thong Kaylin Ryan strips her bikini at poolside Karla almost sheds off her whole bikini puffy cameltoe  being split by  thong string Andie Valentino in a skimpy bikini
The decade of the 90's in bikini history The evolution of the bikini continued to excite and tantalize us into the 90's. With the introduction of micro and mini bikinis, the fashion evolved and the bikini now offered the least coverage yet imagined.
Sexy Blonde Jessica Renee Smoking hot brunette in an extreme bikini is covered in oil while her gorgeous body shimmers Anette Dawn Sling Bikini Abbey is one sexy chick
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Today's world of bikini fashion Today there is nothing left to the imagination. Peek a boo bikinis, paste-ons, sheer bikinis, string bikinis and thongs are all common place on today's beaches. The already tiny bikini has been getting even smaller in the non stop drive to shrinkage. Bikinis are made to be extreme and the barest norms of decency. Any complaints??
Chanel exposes herself in this tiny bikini Michelle Maylene - Hot Flames G-string Bikini Amy is stunning in this revealing red sling bikini Together Is Better This sweet ebony slut strips down to show off her tight pussy and great tits
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